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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Hoshea was the last king of Israel. He conspired against his predecessor, Pekah, slaying him, but there was an interregnum of warfare for eight years before he could ascend the throne. Soon after this he submitted to Shalmaneser, the Assyrian king, who invaded the land a second time to punish Hoshea for withholding tribute he had promised to pay. A second revolt brought back the Assyrian king Sargon, who besieged Samaria. Assyria deported the vast majority of Israel's population, who became the "ten lost tribes of Israel."

No more is heard of Hoshea. As for Israel:

All this took place because the Israelites had sinned against the LORD their God, who had brought them up out of Egypt from under the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. They worshiped other gods and followed the practices of the nations the LORD had driven out before them, as well as the practices that the kings of Israel had introduced. (2 Kings 17:7-8)
Quick Facts:
Hoshea: (means "the salvation of the Lord") The last king of Israel.

Additional Reference: See also The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Kings of Israel and The Kings of Judah