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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Jehoiachin succeeded his father Jehoiakim as king of Judah after his father was killed in a revolt against Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

Like most of his predecessors, Jehoiachin also did evil in the eyes of God, and three months into his reign paid the price for it when Nebuchadnezzar advanced on Jerusalem and laid seige to it. Jehoiachin surrendered.

Nebuchadnezzar took Jehoiachin captive to Babylon. He also took from Jerusalem to Babylon the king's mother, his wives, his officials and the leading men of the land. The king of Babylon also deported to Babylon the entire force of seven thousand fighting men, strong and fit for war, and a thousand craftsmen and artisans. (2 Kings 24:15-16)

He was succeeded by his uncle Mattaniah, later called Zedekiah. After an imprisonment of thirty-seven years, Jehoiachin was released by Evil-Merodach and permitted to occupy a place in the king's household and sit at his table.

Quick Facts:
Jehoiachin: (means "preparation, or strength, of the Lord") The eighteenth king of Judah.

Additional Reference: See also The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Kings of Israel and The Kings of Judah