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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Jehoiakim (Eliakim)

Eliakim was the second son of Josiah, and seventeenth king of Judah. On the death of Josiah, his younger brother Jehoahaz was made king by the people, but the king of Egypt invaded the land and deposed him, setting Elaikim on the throne and changing his name to Jehoiakim.

After this the king of Egypt took no part in Jewish politics because he got very preoccupied with the Babylonians.

The king of Egypt did not march out from his own country again, because the king of Babylon had taken all his territory, from the Wadi of Egypt to the Euphrates River. (2 Kings 24:7)

Seeing the power shift, Jehoaikim quickly shifted allegiance to Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar treated him as a vassal king. After three years of subjection to Babylon, Jehoiakim revolted, but came to a violent death, his body thrown over the wall of Jerusalem.

It ended his eleven year rule, which was one of the worst in Judah's history. He returned to the old idolatry and corruption of the days of Manasseh and stubbornly tried to put the prophet Jeremiah to death.

He was succeeded by his son Jehoiachin, whom Nebuchadnezzar placed on the throne.

Quick Facts:
Jehoiakim: (means "avenging, or establishing, or resurrection, of the Lord") The seventeenth king of Judah.

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