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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Jonathan and Saul; www.heqiarts.com; Copyright  2001, He Qi Jonathan was the eldest son of Saul and a very close friend of David. He makes his first appearance in the Bible when he was about 30 years old, some time after his father became Israel's first king. He was very much like his father in many ways.

"Saul and Jonathan - in life they were loved and gracious, and in death they were not parted. They were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions. (2 Samuel 1:23)

He also excelled in archery and slinging and was a courageous defender of Israel. He led 1,000 men in battle against the Philistines at Gibeah and killed 20 enemy troops in a single ambush. He would most likely have succeeded his father to the throne had not Saul disqualified himself as king.

Saul's growing insanity caused a deep rift between him and Jonathan. On one occasion, Saul ordered Jonathan killed for eating honey after he won a major battle, but his troops refused to carry out the order. Saul's attempts to kill David further alienated him, and though he steadfastedly remained at his father's side, he never ceased being a supporter and ally of David.

After an eventful career, he fell, along with his father and his two brothers, in battle against the Philistines. He left behind one son named Mephibosheth.

Quick Facts:
Jonathan: (means "given of God") Son of Saul.

Additional Reference:
Saul, Jonathan, and David