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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Pekah was a captain in the army of Pekahiah, king of Israel. In 758 BC, he staged a coup with the aid of a band of Gileadites, and assassinated the king, succeeding him to the throne.

Seventeen years into his reign, he entered into an alliance with Rezin, king of Syria, and took part with him in besieging Jerusalem. But Tiglath-pilser, who was in alliance with Ahaz, king of Judah, came up against Pekah, and carried away captive many of the inhabitants of his kingdom.

Soon after this Pekah was put to death by Hoshea, the son of Elah, who usurped the throne.

Quick Facts:
Pekah: (means "he that opens; that is at liberty") The eighteenth king of Israel.

Additional Reference: See also The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Kings of Israel and The Kings of Judah