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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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The Kings of Israel

When Israel entered the Promised Land, authority was the responsibility of the Judges. However, when Samuel was judge over Israel, the people asked for a king to rule over them so they could be like other nations. Though very reluctant because he knew it was against the wishes of God, Samuel finally agreed and crowned Saul first king of Israel. David came next, then Solomon after whose death the kingdom was divided. Ten tribes broke away to form the northern kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam, while the remaining two tribes formed the sourther kingdom of Judah, under Solomon's son, Rehoboam.

These are the Kings and Queens of Israel.

Kings and Queens of Israel
Saul 1042-1000 BC
David 1000-961 BC
Solomon 961-922 BC
Southern Kingdom - Judah Northern Kingdom - Israel
Rehoboam 922-915 BC Jeroboam 1 922-901 BC
Abijah 915-913 BC Nadab 901-900 BC
Asa 913-873 BC Baasha 900-877 BC
Jehoshaphat 873-849 BC Elah 877-876 BC
Jehoram 849-842 BC Zimri 876 BC
Ahaziah 842 BC Omri 876-869 BC
Queen Athaliah 842-837 BC Ahab 869-850 BC
Joash 837-800 BC Ahaziah 850-849 BC
Amaziah 800-783 BC Joram 849-842 BC
Uzziah/Azariah 783-742 BC Jehu 842-815 BC
Jotham 742-735 BC Jehoahaz 815-801 BC
Ahaz 735-715 BC Jehoash 801-786 BC
Hezekiah 715-687 BC Jeroboam II 786-746 BC
Manasseh 687-642 BC Zechariah 746-745 BC
Amon 642-640 BC Shallum 745 BC
Josiah 640-609 BC Menahem 745-738 BC
Jehohaz 609 BC Pekahiah 738-737 BC
Jehoiakim 609-598 BC Pekah 737-732 BC
Jehoiachin 598-597 BC Hoshea 732-722 BC
Zedekiah 597-587 BC

Although Judah consisted of only two tribes, it survived Israel partly because it was less vulnerable to attack from the North.

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The Kings of Israel