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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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The Kings of Divided Israel

Following the death of King Solomon, the nation of Israel was divided into two parts - North (comprising ten of the twelve tribes of Israel) and South (Judah and Benjamin). The northern kingdom was not blessed with a single righteous king. Judah, on the other hand, was gifted with several, though they had their share of sinful kings too who sought to do the will of non-existent pagan gods rather than of the true God who brought Israel into existence.

These are the Kings of Israel:

  1. Jeroboam I: Led secession of Israel.
  2. Nadab: Son of Jeroboam I.
  3. Baasha: Overthrew Nadab.
  4. Elah: Son of Baasha.
  5. Zimri: Overthrew Elah.
  6. Omri: Overthrew Zimri.
  7. Ahab: Son of Omri; husband of Jezebel.
  8. Ahaziah: Son of Ahab.
  9. Joram: Son of Ahab.
  10. Jehu: Overthrew Jehoram.
  11. Jehoahaz (or Joahaz): Son of Jehu.
  12. Jehoash (or Joash): Son of Jehoahaz.
  13. Jeroboam II: Son of Jehoash.
  14. Zechariah: Son of Jeroboam II.
  15. Shallum: Overthrew Zechariah.
  16. Menahem: Overthrew Shallum.
  17. Pekahiah: Son of Menahem.
  18. Pekah: Overthrew Pekahiah.
  19. Hoshea: Overthrew Pekah; kingdom overthrown by Assyrians under Sargon II.
Quick Facts:
The Kings of Judah: 20 Kings from Rehoboam to Zedekiah

Additional Reference: See also The Twelve Tribes of Israel and The Kings of Israel