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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Bios: Fr. Francis Jamieson

Fr. Francis Jamieson

Fr. Francis Jamieson was born and brought up in England as a Protestant. He was later ordained. It wasn't long before Fr. Francis realized that it was the Catholic Church that made any real sense, and as he wanted to stick to the teachings and the spirit of early Christians, he became a Catholic and trained for the priesthood.

After ordination Fr. Francis worked in central London for a period before coming to the Gulf in 1990. He served as parish priest in Al Ain for three years, after which he was transferred to be Bishop's Secretary.

He is now Chancellor and Vicar General and, among his various duties, he looks after Christian Formation, the Marriage Tribunal, and the schools.

Earlier in life Fr. Francis spent several years in West Africa. His degrees are from three English universities and one Roman university.