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Monday, August 20, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Aneel Aranha: Lessons From The Old Testament

Lessons from the Old Testament

The Corruption of Saul
Over the past three years I have come across many people in ministry who appear to have lost their way completely (and going by the actions of some of them, their minds too!). I found myself wondering how men who were apparently so blessed when they began working for God could lose the special anointing they seemed to have and end up worse than "ordinary" people. Scripture has answers to all questions, and the first book of the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 8-31) provided many. These are answers that we can all learn from, not just those of us in ministry, and we'd be wise to apply them to our lives. More

More Lessons from the Old Testament

  1. Jacob I Loved, But Esau I Hated
  2. The False Repentance of Esau
  3. I Will Harden Pharaoh's Heart
  4. Do You Truly Trust God?
  5. Psalm 23 Revisited
  6. The Consequences of Sin
  7. Call to Revolution
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