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Friday, July 20, 2018
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7. Surrender

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As human beings we are limited in every possible way—from our understanding of the mysteries that surround the universe to our abilities in fulfilling the desires of our hearts. God, however, has no such limitations, and when we surrender ourselves to Him, we open ourselves to His power and His grace. Not only does this result in the healing of our minds, bodies and souls, it enables tremendous empowerment, helping us to bear much fruit in accordance with God’s will.

To be able to surrender ourselves fully, however, we need to truly believe in our hearts that God is the master of our destiny, the person in control of our lives, because surrendering involves letting go of all the things that we cling on to. We cannot do this if we do not have complete faith in God. Like everything else on the Christian journey, though; this comes with time spent in His presence.

The Prayer

Lord, I have reconciled myself with you to the best of my abilities, and now that I can stand before you without shame, I give myself to you completely. I accept you as the Lord of my life, my master, my Savior, and I surrender myself into your hands.

I surrender my body, with all its weaknesses and failings. I surrender it with all its ailments, aches, pains and suffering. I ask that you heal me, Lord, if that be your will. I also ask that you use it, as you will.

I surrender my mind, and all the thoughts, the ideas, the plans, the fantasies that run through it. I ask that you purify my mind, Lord, so that I only think thoughts that are pleasing to you. I ask, also, that you reveal your will to me, so that I may follow it.

I surrender my heart, with all its longings and desires. I ask that you squeeze out all the corruption in it, Lord, and make it a heart full of love—your love.

I surrender my life, which you have given me, along with everything in it. I surrender my family, my finances, my home, my occupation, my skills. I surrender everything I have and everything I will have. I surrender what I am and what I will be. All is yours, Lord. I place everything at your feet. Let your will be done in me and in my life.

Some specific things we might wish to surrender

Our parents - their health in their aging years
Our children - their lives, understanding that they are God’s children too
Our spouse - the person he/she is
Our hands - to do His work
Our feet - to travel around the world and spread the gospel message
Our mind - so that we can hear and understand what God wants from us
Our body - so that it can become a pure temple to the Holy Spirit
Our heart - to make it a heart like Jesus’s
Our job - to help us work to the best of our ability
Our colleagues - so that they may be open to our witness to them
Our will - so that we do only what God wills
Our house - so that it be a home of love and prayer
Our vehicle - so that it be protected
Our sexuality - so that we only do things that God would approve of
Our skills and talents - so that they be used for the glory of God
Our money - so that we always have what we need, and more to share
Our fears - so that God takes them away
Our anxieties - so that God can bring us reassurance and peace
Our problems - knowing that God is bigger than any of them
Our ambitions - so that God’s will can be done better in your life
Our failures - so that we can leave them behind and look forward to successes
Our successes - so that we can glorify His name

We can end this part of prayer by singing the song “I Surrender All” paying close attention to the words as we sing it.

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