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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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4. Thanksgiving

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Meister Eckhart once said that if the only prayer we said in our whole life was ďThank you,Ē that would suffice. Regrettably, many of us tend to be an ungrateful lot, taking for granted the countless blessings that God showers upon us day after day, and neglecting to thank Him. It is good to rectify this error by commencing our prayer time with a prayer and a few songs of thanksgiving.

The Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for drawing me to you in prayer today. Thank for you the love that I feel in my heart for you and the desire to know you better. This love will help me be a better person and draw my lost brothers and sisters to you and salvation. Thank you for your Son, Jesus, whom you sent down to die for me so that I might live. Thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit who is not only a guide, but a boundless source of encouragement to me on my journey towards holiness. Thank you most of all for you, Father. For the tremendous love that you have in your heart for me, for all the blessings that you shower upon me, for your grace, and for your mercy. Thank you Father.

We can continue by thanking God for all that He does in our life. There are as many things to be thankful for as there are minutes in a day, and we need give only a cursory glance at the past twenty four hours since we last came before God in thanksgiving to realize how true this is.

Are we at prayer again? Itís because we are alive. Many didnít make it through the night. Did we wash our face after we woke up? Many in the world donít have enough water to drink. Did we have breakfast? There are people who are literally dying of starvation this very minute. If we donít take anything we have for granted, we will realize that every single moment of our life is a blessing to be grateful for. We need to go through them in our prayer each day.

A few things we need to be grateful to God for

For the life we have here on earth
For the gift of salvation
For the eternal life promised to us in heaven
For all the rewards that await us there
For all the other promises that God has made to us
For His faithfulness
For being chosen to be disciples of Christ
For the example that Jesus is to us
For the ability to surrender and the joy obtained from doing so
For the grace to repent and the forgiveness we receive
For freeing us from sin and protecting us from temptation
For keeping us safe from evil
For our bodies and the good health we enjoy
For our minds and the ability to think and make the right choices
For our souls and the transformation occurring in them
For the gifts of the Holy Spirit that help us be better Christians
For the fruit of the Holy Spirit that we bear in our lives
For the grace to lead lives pleasing to God
For the desire to pray and draw closer to Jesus
For the gift of love that we can receive and give
For being able to share of ourselves
For our ancestors without whom we would not be
For our parents and all they did for us
For our siblings, irritating though they might be at times
For our uncles and aunts, our cousins, and other relatives
For our spouses and our children
For our in-laws
For our friends and others who love us
For those we work with
For our teachers and other educators
For our priests, nuns and other religious
For letting us be of help to those in need
For the houses we live in
For the clothes we wear
For the vehicles we drive in
For the jobs we have and the businesses we run
For the holidays we get and the vacations we enjoy
For science and art and entertainment
For countless other blessings

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