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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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8. Worship

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Through our worship we give honor and praise to God. Additionally, we are drawn into the mystery of God and into a deeper relationship with Him. While all prayer, to a certain degree, meets this definition of worship, there is one element of prayer when we put everything else aside—especially ourselves—and concentrate exclusively on God.

We call this Worship.

Worship is the most fulfilling part of prayer, and it can get so moving, especially when we suddenly find ourselves lost in God’s heart, we could very well end up spending an additional hour in Worship alone.

We enter Worship almost automatically when we have gone through all the elements of prayer described earlier. Like a running stream that has reached the end of its course, we are gently deposited into the lap of God—or into His presence, if we have not yet achieved a sense of familiarity with Him. And once thus deposited, all we need to do is love and adore Him, both for His role as creator of heaven and earth and everything else in it, and His role as our Father, who loves us beyond comprehension.

Prayer now is prayer from the heart, and as the heart speaks in a very special language, words are hard to put down, but a rough translation would be something like what’s provided below. Once we can truly say that we love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, we can modify the prayer with the qualifications removed.

The Prayer

Father, you are the creator of heaven and earth, the author of everything seen and unseen, yet there is such a special place in your heart for me. It is almost as though you have only one concern on this earth and that concern is me. My own heart has many things competing for attention, Father, but I love you very much too and I ask that with every day that passes you increase this love so that one day all of my heart is occupied only by you.

Jesus, you too love me so much you gave your life so that I may live. There is nobody I know who could love me that much. I love you too, Jesus, though not as much as I should. I ask that you too draw me closer to you in the days to come, and help me not only love you more, but love the world as well. You said that if I loved my brothers and sisters in the manner in which you loved me, I would be your brother. I want to be your brother, Jesus.

And Holy Spirit, sweet, dear Spirit of the Living God, you remain by my side despite everything that I do to hurt you, constantly letting me know and feel the depth of your love for me. I love you too, Holy Spirit, and I will show you how much by being more obedient to your words in the days to come. I know that you will guide me as I move along. Thank you.

We can spend a few more minutes worshipping God, but when we’re done talking, we need to be quiet and listen. God speaks to us in our silences. Even if we don’t hear anything audible, we should remain silent for a while, then open our Bible and begin reading from it.

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