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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Aneel Aranha: Pit Stops on the Road to Heaven

Pit Stops on the Road to Heaven

by Aneel Aranha

Doubting John: Lessons in Trust

Jail is not a nice place to be in. I should know; I was in one. John the Baptist was in one too, and he definitely would have hated being there. Used to wide open spaces, the prophet would have felt extremely claustrophobic behind bars and the confinement undoubtedly addled his mind. In his confusion, he began to ask a lot of questions. For John, they were extremely disturbing ones. Read more

The Pit Stops:

  1. A Brief Introduction
  2. The Myth about Saints
  3. The Myth about Sin
  4. The Myth about God
  5. The Myth about Satan
  6. Resisting Temptation - 1: The Word of God
  7. Resisting Temptation - 2: Say No to Sin
  8. Lessons in Forgiveness
  9. Lessons in Love
  10. Lessons in Anxiety
  11. Lessons in Obedience
  12. Taming the Tongue

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