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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Aneel Aranha: The Return of the Prodigal

The Return of the Prodigal

Aneel Aranha spent twenty five years in the atheistic wilderness, certain in his belief that God didn't exist. He was hard hearted to the point where he didn't permit his children to be baptized, refused to let anything religious enter his home - much less his life, and verbally crucified any Christian who dared challenge him on matters of faith. He was the ultimate profligate who thought he was untouchable, until he got sucked into a vortex of destruction from which there was no escape route save one - but he would have to drop to his knees to use it. He finally swallowed his pride and did. And by humbling himself, he opened himself to the mercy and love of God who lifted him up again, to heights he had never dreamed possible.

Holy Spirit Interactive is pleased to present The Return of the Prodigal, the touching story of a man who finally discovered God - and himself - in this brand new series called Testimony.

Note: As the testimony is rather long, you might prefer to print out a copy and read it offline. If this is the case, you may download a copy here.

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Arrogant and Proud
  3. In Free Fall
  4. Rage
  5. Jesus, do you exist?
  6. July 14, 2002
  7. The First Miracle
  8. Peace at Last
  9. The Love of Jesus
  10. Another Miracle
  11. The Devil
  12. Divine Retreat Center
  13. God of the Impossible
  14. The Anointing
  1. Author's Note

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