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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Arrogant and Proud

If you had met me a couple of years ago, you'd have seen a man who had just about everything a man could possibly want. I had a beautiful wife and two lovely children. I ran a successful business with offices in three countries. I had a house with everything in it - home theater system, microwave, dishwasher, the works - I even had a fully stocked liquor bar. I had three cars. I had it all.

But more than this, I was a man to whom nothing bad ever seemed to stick. I got into fights, accidents, and other situations that should have seen me arrested, injured, or even dead. But I walked out of each and every one of them without anything to show for them other than an increasing feeling of invincibility. I never even fell sick, other than for a rare cold once in a while. Even if something bad did happen - like, say, I lost a job - I would get a new job, ten times better, almost overnight. It was like I had an invisible cloak of protection around me, keeping me safe, making me invulnerable to any kind of harm. And I thought that the protection was something I generated myself. I began to get arrogant in my belief that I was untouchable, that I was a power unto myself, that I could do anything I wanted.

And for a long time I could.

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