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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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In Free Fall

Then one day things started changing. I sold my business to an American dot.com company, but rather than cash out completely, I clung on to the major part thinking that I would make a lot more in a couple of years. Hardly did I sell it, the dot.com market crashed and along with other companies my own company went hurtling downward. I shrugged it off, believing as I always did that nothing bad could stick to me.

Sure enough, while the company continued to plunge, I got a job offer with a publishing company to edit one of their business titles and the title of Vice President thrown in for good measure. And everything would have been great, except that less than three months later, the company began going down the tubes. I couldn't believe it. People started quitting, but I hung on, sure that things would get better - after all, I was untouchable, wasn't I?

The company went bust.

I kept waiting for the old "magic" to work, but it seemed to have gone. Where once, everything I touched turned to gold, it seemed like everything I touched now turned to dust. And I began to get angry with the world as if it was the world's fault that things had started going bad for me.

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