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Monday, August 20, 2018
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The First Miracle

I looked around the church helplessly, glancing at the various images hung on the walls, wondering what I should do, when I found my eyes drawn to a gold and black mosaic of Our Lady in one corner. It was a beautiful picture and I was admiring it, thinking how lovely the lady in it looked, when suddenly I heard her say, "Aneel, come to me."

I looked away, thinking my imagination was running wild, but then a moment later, I heard the voice again. This time there was no denying that I had actually heard it. It was so clear, I can still hear it in my head. "Aneel, come to me," she said. For a man who had lived his life on the altar of reason, this belonged to the story book world of fantasy but to deny I heard that voice was tantamount to denying my very existence. Or my sanity. I began to get a trifle scared.

"Aneel, don't be afraid. Come to me," the voice said for a third time.

It is perhaps fortuitous that there were only five or six people in the church at the time otherwise I might never have done what I did. I got up and walked across to the picture. I found myself unable to look up at it for a long moment, but when I finally raised my eyes I suddenly felt a wave of fire run through me filling every pore of my body, only the fire wasn't hot, it was cold, and was the most delicious sensation imaginable. It went on and on for nearly half a minute and was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced.

And then I believed!

It is said that all you need to do is take one step towards God and he will cross miles and miles to get to you and I saw evidence of that in the church that day. I was a man who wanted to get back home but was unable to find his way back. God didn't wait for me to ask for directions; he came and took me home. And even as he did that, he gave me the gift of faith.

That was the first miracle.

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