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Monday, August 20, 2018
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God of the Impossible

We broke off for lunch, which turned out to be entirely vegetarian. I loathed vegetables and unless they formed part of a meat dish - like Chinese fried rice or noodles - I avoided them altogether. "I'm a pure non-vegetarian," I liked to say. Deciding not to make a big deal of it however, I served myself a small portion, glad that it didn't take much of an effort to put everything away. (As an incidental part of this testimony, I was rarely to eat meat again!)

I returned straight to the retreat hall after lunch. My thoughts were still very much occupied with how to give up smoking when I heard Jesus say, "Aneel, give it up."

By this time Jesus and I were good friends and we spoke constantly so I had no difficulty recognizing his voice.

"I don't know how," I replied.

"Just quit," he said. "Leave the rest to me."

That evening, there was a session called "Surrender" where you surrendered something to the Lord. This could be a weakness that you had, or a burden that weighed you down, or - as in my case - a habit you couldn't give up.

This seemed to be my cue. I got up, went to my room and after collecting all the cigarettes I had, I returned and dumped everything into a trash bin that was placed for this very purpose.

And my addiction was gone! There were no withdrawal symptoms. There was no unbearable craving for a cigarette. There was no moodiness or grumpiness. And a habit I had thought I could never break was broken with only the effort it took to make a decision, a decision to surrender it to the Lord.

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