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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Author's Note

The Return of the Prodigal is a transcript of a verbal testimony I gave in November 2002, two months after my rebirth in the Spirit. Other than minor revisions, mostly to grammar and sentence structure, the testimony remains as it was then.

There are a few points I wish to make to keep the record straight. I have merged certain events in the interests of narrative. The episode in the cell that led to my conversion, for instance, stretched over three days and involved much more agony and indecision than that described.

I have also deliberately omitted some noteworthy events to avoid unnecessary distraction from the main focus of the testimony, which is Godís existence and his love for us. These omitted events include powerful visions I received during the last three days of my retreat at the Divine Retreat Centre; messages from God and His ministers here on earth about my mission in the world; and a spiritual war that the devil lost even before it began because he dared to take on God himself in the final battle for my soul.

Nearly two years have passed since the last events described in the testimony. I now live very happily with my wife and two children in the Middle East, where I run Holy Spirit Interactive, an apostolate aimed at strenghtening the faith of Christians and spreading the word of God around the world. It has God's blessings, evident in the success of an Outreach Program, which uses music, drama and dance to bring people to God; a Discipleship Program aimed at helping people live lives pleasing to God; a Global Intercessary Prayer Circle that unites hundreds of people from all over the world; and much else. The HSI website is where you are now.

Before I end I would like to leave you with a few final words.

The anointing I have received has not been given exclusively to me, or to a select few that God has chosen; it is available to all of Godís children. There are, unfortunately, no set rules that one needs to follow to receive this anointing. From my experience, however, there are a few things that I believe you must do to make the anointing possible.

You must repent for your sins and give them up completely, be they of action, like lies and stealing, or of the heart, like pride and envy. Sin is offensive to God, and there can be no grace if you are steeped in it.

You must surrender yourself totally to God, especially your will. You will know that you have really surrendered yourself to God when you cease worrying about the adverse circumstances in your life, regardless of how trivial or major they might seem.

You must make God the primary focus of your life. Nobody ó not your spouse, not your children, not your parents, and most certainly not you ó must come before He does.

And, perhaps most importantly, you must love God the way he wants you to ó with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.

May the Spirit be with you!

Aneel Aranha