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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Edward P Sri

Edward P Sri

Edward P Sri

The Art of Living

Temperance: A Gloomy Virtue?
The virtue of temperance sometimes gets a bad reputation. As the virtue that "moderates the attraction of pleasures" (Catechism of the Catholic Church: Second Edition, no. 1809), many people today object to such a notion: "What’s wrong with seeking pleasure?" "Experiencing pleasure is not bad. I’m not hurting anyone!" "Shouldn’t I be able to pursue as much pleasure as I can?" More

More on the Art of Living

  1. Agony, Anxiety and Decisiveness
  2. The First Step of Prudence
  3. Aiming High - How to Grow in Virtue
  4. Virtue and "The Art of Living"
  5. Patience and Perseverance
  6. The Virtue of Magnanimity
  7. Vainglory: Seeking the Praise of Men

Knowing Mary Through the Bible

  1. The Original Mary: Our Lady's Life Before the Annunciation
  2. A Closer Look at the Annunciation to Mary
  3. Mary’s Question - A Vow?
  4. New Wine, New Eve
  5. The Spousal Meaning of Mary's Last Words
  6. Behold Your Mother
  7. Mary's Holy Hour
  8. Decoding the Woman of the Apocalypse
  9. Mary's Queenship in Revelation 12
  10. Praying the Hail Mary Like Never Before
  11. Mary and the Serpent

Love and Responsibility

  1. The Foundation of Friendship
  2. Beyond the Sexual Urge
  3. Avoiding Fatal Attractions
  4. Sense and Sentimentality
  5. Understanding the Two Sides of Love
  6. Love and . . . Responsibility?
  7. Resenting Chastity
  8. The Battle for Purity
  9. To Inspire Love: A Return to Modesty
  10. Men, Women, and Tenderness
  11. How Contraception Destroys Love
  12. Back to the Garden: Theology of the Body from Eden to Today