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Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Fr. Erasto Fernandez

Fr. Erasto Fernandez

Eucharistic Attitudes

What we have done in these reflections is to spell out the implications of celebrating the Eucharist ‘actively, intelligently and fruitfully’ as Vatican II desires of us. In a sense the Council asks us to return to the Early Christian way of celebrating Eucharist: for them meeting every week for Eucharist was no mere ritual. It was truly the centre of their Christian living, it was an opportunity for them to express once again their gratitude to the Lord Jesus for having chosen them to receive the great gift of eternal life. More

More Eucharistic Attitudes

  1. Unity and Fellowship
  2. Gratitude for Forgiveness Freely Given
  3. Words of Eternal Life
  4. Our Response is Faith
  5. Presentation of Gifts
  6. Praise and Thanksgiving
  7. Consecrating the World
  8. The Art of Communing
  9. Sharing with Others
  10. Sent on a Mission of Love

The Word

  1. Why Did God Give Us His Word?
  2. God Speaks to Us
  3. Pure History? Or Historical?
  4. Whose Story? His or Mine?
  5. Learning the Secrets
  6. Our Response to God's Word

Meditations on the Eucharist

  1. Altar
  2. Candles
  3. Lecturn
  4. Lectionary
  5. A Loaf of Bread
  6. Missal
  7. Presidential Chair
  8. The Cross
  9. The Cup
  10. Vestments
  11. Water
  12. Wine

The Eucharist

  1. Introduction
  2. New Vision of God
  3. The Christian Identity
  4. Gathering in Loving Unity
  5. The Penitential Rite
  6. The Word: Nourishing Bread
  7. Our Response: Deepened Faith
  8. The Liturgy of the Bread
  9. Eucharistic Prayer: A Blessing Prayer
  10. A Celebration
  11. A New Approach to the Preface
  12. The Eucharistic Prayer
  13. The Eucharistic Prayer: Structure and Elements
  14. The Eucharistic Prayer: A True Proclamation
  15. Seeing or Eating - or Both?
  16. Live What You Pray
  17. Eucharistic Prayer III and IV
  18. Eucharistic Prayers for Children and Reconciliation
  19. The Communion Rite: Preparation - The Lord's Prayer
  20. The Lord's Prayer: The Christian Mission
  21. What Does it Mean to "Commune" with Another?
  22. Eucharist and Unity
  23. Eucharist and Peace/Justice
  24. Eucharist and Ecology
  25. Sent on Mission
  26. The Eschatalogical Banquet