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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Fr. Jack McArdle: And That's The Gospel Truth

And That's The Gospel Truth

by Fr. Jack McArdle

The four gospels are spread over a three-year period, so that we are presented with every part of all four over those years. This is Year A, which, in case of doubt or confusion, began on the First Sunday of Advent - November 28, 2004, and will be back in circulation three years later.

In presenting these reflections, I have a hope in my heart, and a prayer on my lips. I know many people who are reflective and contemplative by nature, and the word of the Lord is a personal word for them. They would like to know what the Sunday Readings are beforehand, so they can prepare their hearts to welcome that word. They also continue to ponder that word throughout the following week. They are too mature in their Christian responsibility to settle for sitting back, and leaving it all to the preacher. The Church that is being reborn today is one in which each of us must share equal responsibility. We are no longer like the F.A. Cup Final in Wembley, where nearly one hundred thousand spectators, badly in need of exercise, are sitting down very comfortably, criticising twenty-two pressurised human beings, badly in need of a rest! In today's Church, we are all invited to get down out of the stands.

This book is not written for homilists, even if a few of them have a peep or two! It is written for the ordinary punter in the pew. It is written for the small groups in parishes who meet during the week to reflect on the Readings for the following Sunday. It is written for the house-bound. Indeed, it is written for anyone who needs material for reflection, and who benefits from being presented with material that has some structure and order to it. There is no reason why someone should not click any of the below links at random, irrespective of what time of year it is.

The lay-out and structure of what is presented is purely arbitrary, and need not be adhered to in any way. It is presented with one intention, and that is, with a genuine desire to be most helpful. To know that it helps someone will give me great joy. Please note that each Sunday's reflections are presented a week in advance.

  1. 1st Sunday of Advent
  2. 2nd Sunday of Advent
  3. 3rd Sunday of Advent
  4. 4th Sunday of Advent
  5. 1st Sunday after Christmas
  6. 2nd Sunday after Christmas
  7. Baptism of our Lord
  8. 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
  9. 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time