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Friday, July 20, 2018
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It's Me Again, Lord ...

Thoughts, Prayers and Whispers

by Fr. Jack McArdle

(Short prayers, more by way of thoughts for reflection, than for recitation. It is possible to have a praying heart, to pray all day long, and yet not be 'saying prayers')

Lord, I confess to you that I'm not as good as I ought to be, but I thank you that I'm a bit better than I used to be.
Lord, please help me accept that everything that happens to me in life can be turned, by you, into a good for my spiritual growth.
Lord, I know that you love me exactly as I am, but I believe that you love me much more than that, or you'll leave me the way I am.
Lord, I know that you stand at the door and knock, sometimes to enter my heart, and at other times to get back out again, through my words and actions.
Lord, let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.
Lord, may your Spirit within me touch the hearts of those I meet today, either through the words I say, the prayers I pray, the life I live, or the very person I am.
Lord, I believe that nothing is going to happen today that you and I together will not be able to handle.
Lord, you are totally a God of now. Please help me become a person of now, so that I can meet you.
Lord, please ensure that, regarding your word, what is mental assent in my head, moves down to become faith in action in my feet.
Lord, please remind me that, in the tapestry of life, you see the beauty of the total picture, while I puzzle over the entanglement of threads.
Spirit of God, please fill my soul with your power, like helium gas, to give me lift-off out of the quicksand of my own selfishness.
Father, you know everything, and I am your child. Please don't let me get so inflated with pride that I know it all, and I try to improve on your knowledge through the intelligence of my conversation, and I call that prayer.
Lord, here's one branch that needs to get rid of all of its own sap, if it is to be grafted onto the vine, and draw life from there.
Lord, like a harbour pilot, please come out to meet me, take over the helm, and steer me safely into port.
Lord, thanks for being with me. At times I discovered that I was in very bad company when I was on my own.
The first time I was carried into a church, I was not consulted, and the next time I'll be carried into a church, I won't be consulted either. Lord, I entrust to your care all of the time in between.
Lord, if my heart is not praying, my tongue is wasting its time. Please help me take the cotton wool out of my ears, and put it in my mouth instead.
Lord, let me dump all of my past failures into the sea of your love and forgiveness, and to heed the 'No Fishing' sign.
Death is like a pile of sand at the end of my life. Lord, please help me sprinkle a little of the sand every day of my life, so that, when I reach the end, my dying will already have taken place.
Lord, please help me to keep my life within the day, and leave it to you to change yesterday, and to arrange tomorrow.
Lord, may your Spirit enter my heart through the cracks of my brokenness.
Lord, may my spirit magnify you, so that, as you become bigger in my life, my problems will become smaller.
Lord, thank you for the gift of life. Please help me have the courage to remove all the wrappings, and to discover the real gift within.
Lord, if I am really to be a gift in the lives of others, please help me remove all the price tags.
Father, we are all your children. You have no grandchildren, and we all share the inheritance equally. Please help me know my place within your family.
Lord, make me a channel of your love and life, rather than a generator or a transformer that controls the flow.
Lord, please help me to Come and see, before I attempt to Go and tell.
Lord, let me see my powerlessness as necessary for your victory, and my weaknesses as gateways to knowing your strength.
Lord, I sometimes hope that you smile more than cry, when you look at us, because we are often more stupid than evil.
Lord, please let me know the difference between riches and wealth, between appearance and beauty, between intelligence and wisdom, between achievement and goodwill.
Lord Jesus, thank you for telling me that the Father has a big hug waiting for me, when I come back to him, even if I have got pig's food all over my face.
Lord, please help me to keep things simple, to live one day at a time, and not to attempt to jump the hurdle until I get to it.
Spirit of God, I know you understand what I mean, when I sometimes think of you as Popeye's spinach.
Lord, thank you for living in me, because, as the miles stretch ahead of you, you can see that the things that trip me up are also within me.
Lord, please help me to live downstairs in my heart, rather than lock myself away in one of the many rooms within the attic of my mind, where I collect and count my hurts, nurse my resentments, and issue my bills for services rendered.
Lord, please open my eyes, my ears, my mind, and my inner being, that I may really enjoy the beauty of your creation all around me.
Lord, please give me the patience to continue living with the questions, and the faith to know that the answers will come.
Spirit of God, please help me to remember, when everything else fails, that the truth always works.
Lord, please keep me close to you, and hold me in your love, so that, whether I live or die, our relationship will remain the same.
Lord, your message is so simple that it is possible to be too intelligent to understand it, but it is not possible to be too stupid.
Lord Jesus, because of what you have done, I believe that the greatest sin I could possibly commit is not to have hope.
Lord, please continue to remind me that your Kingdom is built among us through the small acts, and the hidden efforts.
Lord, if you are to mend my brokenness, I know I must let you have all the pieces.
Lord, please remind me to turn into a prayer all those things that I turn into a burden.

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