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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Mike Aquilina

The Early Church

Days of Memorial
We begin these last months of the year by remembering our dead-all saints, all souls. By this very practice we honor them, because they themselves taught us to do it, beginning with the first generations of the Church. More

More of The Early Church

  1. The Martyrís Cup
  2. Roman Cruelty, Christian Purity
  3. The Fathers at the Altar
  4. Ah, Youth - When the Church was Young
  5. Pilgrim's Progress
  6. Joy of the Fathers
  7. Pop Go The Fathers
  8. A Culture Exposed
  9. The Petrine Principal
  10. Survival of the Faithful
  11. Doctors in the Myst
  12. Out of Egypt
  13. Ecumenism: In the Nick of Time
  14. Two Ways
  15. Love in the Ruins
  16. Marketplace of Ideas
  17. What's in a Name?
  18. Notes from Underground