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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Living the Mysteries of the Rosary
Holy Spirit Interactive: Fr. Peter deSousa: Living the Mysteries of the Rosary

Living the Mysteries of the Rosary

by Fr. Peter deSousa

Many of us grew up in homes reciting the Family Rosary every evening. Perhaps it was something that brought the whole family together for 15 minutes to pray. We were reminded that where "two or more were gathered together in Jesus' name, he was in our midst." Sometimes while rattling off these familiar prayers, we forgot to meditate on the mysteries, Now we have 20 of them. How can we contextualize these mysteries in our lives as a family?

As one grows older, the words of these familiar prayers begin to mean so much more to us also. When I fly, as the aircraft takes off, I recite the "I believe". It is not just assenting to the truths of our faith but throwing myself and all on board into the arms of Our God who is Creator, Father, Redeemer and Holy Spirit. I see the Lord's prayer as a way of life rather than a pious formula. I have assisted many people who are critically ill and at the hour of their death wait for Mother Mary to come and take them into God's presence to see him face to face. How lovely it is to praise God and give him glory all the while. The "Hail Holy Queen" reminds me that I am on a pilgrimage and I ask Mary for the grace to persevere in my vocation.

But I would like to focus on the 20 mysteries of the Rosary, one at a time, as mysteries to be lived today in the family. I plan to write 20 articles on these for our beloved Holy Spirit Interactive. I would welcome your insights so that I may incorporate them into my sharings. So please do reflect on these 20 mysteries: the joyful, sorrowful, glorious and luminous mysteries. Jot down any inspirations you have on how to live them in your family today as spouses, parents and children, siblings or with extended family. Please send them to me at peter.desousa@gmail.com or post them on this group.

  1. The Mystery of the Anunciation
  2. The Mystery of the Visitation
  3. The Birth of Jesus
  4. The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
  5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple
  6. The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden
  7. The Scourging of Our Lord at the Pillar
  8. Jesus is Crowned with Thorns
  9. Jesus Carries the Cross
  10. The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus
  11. The Mystery of the Resurrection
  12. The Mystery of the Ascension
  13. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
  14. The Assumption of our Lady into Heaven
  15. The Crowning of Mary in Heaven
  16. The Baptism of Christ in the Jordon

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