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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Fr. Rufus Pereira

Led by the Spirit

Christmas by way of Mary
The final week of the last year begins with the Solemnity of the Birth of Jesus, Son of God, on Christmas Day, 25th December 2010, and ends with the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, on New Year Day, 1st January 2011, the beginning of the first week of the New Year. There can be no better way to celebrate both Christmas Day and New Year Day and to commemorate the Christmas Week than to consider that "pilgrimage of faith in which the Blessed Virgin advanced, faithfully preserving her union with Christ" ('Mother of the Redeemer' 5). Together with Mary let us undertake this pilgrimage of faith as described so marvellously in the Infancy Narrative of Luke's Gospel. More

More Led by the Spirit

  1. What is Prayer?
  2. The Eucharist - The Perfect Memorial of Divine Love
  3. The Power and Ministry of the Priesthood
  4. Defense from the Devil
  5. God's Word to Man
  6. Abba, Father
  7. Behold the Woman! Behold your Mother!
  8. A New Ardor, New Methods and a New Expression for a New Evangelization
  9. The King of Kings
  10. Be Holy As I Am Holy
  11. Christmas by Way of Mary
  12. The Baptism of the Lord
  13. The Lord's Prayer for Unity
  14. Spiritual Warfare? Spiritual Victory!
  15. My Son, You Are Forgiven
  16. Couples in Christ
  17. The Triumph of the Cross
  18. Divine Mercy Sunday; Haiti, 1999
  19. Mercy Is Divine
  20. Joseph, Mary and Jesus: A Model Family
  21. Pentecost
  22. The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  23. The Charismatic Renewal and Social Work
  24. Christ Like Lay Leaders
  25. Discipleship
  26. Charismatic Prayer Meetings
  27. Mary's Assumption
  28. The Church in Communion
  29. Say But The Word
  30. Be Both Hearers and Doers of the Word
  31. The Holy Eucharist: Source and Summit of Christian Life
  32. Youth, Arise!
  33. The Challenge of Christmas
  34. He is our Peace
  35. Hymn of Unity and Communion
  36. Prayer for Healing
  37. The Curse and Cure of Leprosy
  38. Intercession
  39. Youth - Hope of the Church
  40. The Emmaus Encounter
  41. Who Do You Say I Am?
  42. Mary - Disciple and Evangelist
  43. The Son of Man Must be Lifted Up
  44. The Open Door
  45. The Life Giver
  46. Addiction: Hope for the Hopeless
  47. Eucharistic Pilgrimage
  48. From Death to Life
  49. Fifty Golden Years of Priestly Life and Charismatic Ministry
  50. The Second Advent: Event or Experience?
  51. Christmas Down Memory Lane
  52. Every Eucharist is Christmas!
  53. Tempted, Tested, but Triumphant
  54. Jesus, the Healer
  55. From Passion to Compassion
  56. Mother of Sorrows; Mother of Mercy
  57. The Font and Giver of Freedom, Life and Unity
  58. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal
  59. You Are Our Letter
  60. God is Love
  61. Fulfill the Faith; Fan the Flame
  62. Go and Tell!
  63. Charisms and the Charismatic Renewal
  64. From Saul to Paul
  65. Shine Jesus Shine
  66. Return to the Father
  67. Be Holy as I am Holy
  68. Haiti: From Heaven to Hell