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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Fr. Rufus Pereira: Hymn of Unity and Communion

Hymn of Unity and Communion

by Fr. Rufus Pereira

Prayer for Communion

Created in your Image, consecrated in your Word,
Protect us from the Evil One, the hatred of the World;
Unite us, Triune God, that we may all be one in you,
So that the world may believe, and will be all one too.

Chorus: Father, glorify us with your life,
Jesus, sanctify us in your light,
Spirit, unify us through your love,
So all may know that we are sent as witnesses to you.

Unity in Oneself

The God who made us very good, like himself, for his glory,
Will keep us, spirit, mind and body, one and whole and holy;
Let's put away the old - the anger, envy, greed and lust,
But put on love and then - his Peace will flow in us.

Communion in the Family

Let wives obey their husbands as the Church submits to Christ,
And husbands love their wives as Christ does love his holy Church;
And build their home into the house of the Lord,
Not only one in flesh, but one in mind and heart.

Unity in the Church

There are varieties of Gifts, but one Spirit,
And many kinds of Services, but one Lord,
There are diversities of Power, but one God,
So let us work together for the common good of all.

Communion among Christians

We are baptized into one Lord, through one faith,
Called into one body, by one Spirit, for one hope,
We have one God, our Father, who, in one love,
Reigns on all and works through all and lives in all of us.

Unity among Religious People

God wants all men be saved and come to know the Saving Truth,
Men search one God and seek to do his one and holy will;
Let's speak the truth with love, respect the beliefs of one and all,
And intercede with pleas, lift holy hands in praise.

Communion in the World

For God so loved the world, he gave his one and only Son,
Our peace and our atonement and the light of the world;
Let nations all proclaim him King - the Way, the Truth, the Life,
To spread one hope of joy, and speak one tongue of love.

Unity in the Universe

Let's free creation from its bondage to decay,
And bring the universe back under Christ its head;
The Spirit will renew the face of all the earth,
And thus restore its beauty and pristine harmony.

Call to Communion

We are the family of God, let's be one,
We form the Body of his Son, let's be whole,
We make the Temple of their Spirit, let's be signs
Of their love and peace, and of their joy divine.

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