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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Steven R. Hemler

Life's Little Learnings

Why be a Practicing Christian?
Are you happy? We're not talking about outwardly, but deep inside. Do you mostly have happy thoughts rolling around in your head? Or, do you have a nagging unhappiness, uncertainty, doubt, a feeling of not really belonging, a sense that you don't really know what you should be doing with your life, a feeling that you are missing out on something, a feeling that others seem happier and more content and that they must have something you don't have? More

More of Life's Little Learnings

  1. Why Was Christ's Passion Necessary?
  2. How do we Attain Eternal Salvation to Heaven?
  3. What are the Stages of Faith?
  4. What is Conversion and Why is it Necessary?
  5. What are God's Purposes for Human Sexuality?
  6. What is Christian Love?
  7. Is the Genesis Story of Creation True?
  8. Is Intelligent Design True?
  9. Does God Exist?
  10. Is Jesus Really the Son of God?
  11. Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?
  12. Why Go To Mass?
  13. My Debt to God
  14. What is the Purpose of Suffering?
  15. What is the Purpose of Life?
  16. How Can We Know God's Will?
  17. Our Self Esteem and Interpersonal Behavior
  18. Feeling Loved - The Key to Effective Parenting
  19. Really Winning
  20. Why Take Christ Out Of Christmas?
  21. The Dangers of Secularization
  22. Why Does God Allow Evil and Injustice?
  23. Why Turn to Jesus when we are Suffering?
  24. Situational Leadership and the Phases of Parenthood
  25. Adult Confirmation: A Celebration Whose Time Has Come?
  26. Does the Catholic Church Accept Evolution?
  27. What is Purgatory All About?
  28. The Slippery Slope of Euthanasia
  29. An Abortion Public Policy Proposal
  30. Did Evolution Occur Naturally?
  31. Did God Create Evolution?