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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Deacon Thomas Frankenfield


New Year Resolutions for Temples of the Holy Spirit
May God's blessing be with you and your families this New Year! I hope to have a more active presence on this wonderful website during the New Year. Who knows? Maybe we may meet one another in 2008--another wonderful year of the Lord. More

More Reflections

  1. A Journey into the Quiet for Lent
  2. Handling Extra Baggage
  3. An Open Door on the Darkest of Nights
  4. Standing in Awe of His Enormous Love
  5. A Journey to Resurrection
  6. Habemus Papam
  7. A Pentecost Journey
  8. Ordinary Time - A Time for Being Special
  9. Be Not Afraid
  10. Dealing with Pain and Suffering
  11. The Initial Impact of Pain and Suffering
  12. Letting Go To Jesus
  13. Support in our Journey
  14. Suffering with Christ as Model
  15. A Final Reflection on Pain and Suffering
  16. Advent Hope - A Call to See With New Eyes
  17. Christmas - The Hope of Our Journey
  18. Unanswered Prayers
  19. Making Choices to Alleviate Pain and Suffering
  20. Justifying Our Sinful Behavior
  21. Corporal Works of Mercy Lenten Spirituality in Action
  22. Getting the Most out of Holy Week
  23. Alleluia! The Tomb is Empty
  24. Bringing Jesus to a Broken World!
  25. Convert the Sinner
  26. Visiting the Sick - The Gift of Being Ministered To
  27. Admonish the Sinner
  28. Making Choices to Alleviate Pain and Suffering - Comfort the Afflicted
  29. Spirituality in Action - To Bear Wrongs Patiently
  30. Our Advent Journey - Preparing our Hearts and Lives for Christ
  31. Merry Christmas - Hope Alive
  32. The Primary Fuel for the Christian Journey
  33. Lenten Journey
  34. Restarting the Lenten Journey
  35. Living and Sharing the Graces of Christ's Resurrection
  36. The Internet as a Source of Grace
  37. Just P-R-A-Y: A Simple Formula for Prayer