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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Deacon Thomas Frankenfield : Getting the most out of Holy Week

Getting the most out of Holy Week

by Deacon Thomas Frankenfield

As we come to the close of our Lenten season we find ourselves at a significant point--Palm Sunday is here before us. Holy Week awaits us. More than any other time in our lives, we are called to welcome this holiest of weeks with all of our being but especially, our hearts and souls. We not only encounter the mysteries of this Holy Week as individuals but we encounter these grace filled opportunities in both our Domestic Church and in our Universal Church. So, how do we get the most out of Holy Week?

First, live the life of Christ in the Liturgies of this precious week. We have special opportunities to travel the emotional spectrum of the joys of Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday while we await the crushing pain of Good Friday and the hope and wonder of Holy Saturday.

We should allow the liturgies mold and shape our journey. As a result, we should be formed by these liturgies. On the other hand, these liturgies are not events to be attended as spectators. No, this holiest of weeks, calls us to immerse ourselves in these various liturgies. Our Church is calling us to become one with the liturgy. It is like being at a swimming pool. We can choose to sit poolside and watch the swimmers or we can dive into the pool and experience the total experience of being surrounded by the water. We must dive headfirst into the liturgies of this Holy Week to allow the liturgy to transform us.

Second, find a special place for yourself. Make time for God. Although this is important every day, these sacred days call for a special sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a call to unity. Allow this unique opportunity to bring you closer to God. Take the time to let God know what hurts your and where you are in pain. Then let Jesus transform the bread and wine we offer into his Body and Blood and to let Him carry our pains with His cross.

Finally, to truly be a Foot Washing Servant. Jesus is calling all of us to be part of His personal Holy Week experience by healing the wounds in our families and friends. The days of personal scourging in our relationshiops can come to an end. Jesus asks us to accompany Him this Holy Week. If we take time to be sensitive to the needs of people in our community; we will accompany Jesus pace for pace.

These simple steps will open our hearts and our minds to the call of the Lord in our lives. My prayer is that al will be renewed in the Holy Spirit

For Your Reflection

From a Ministry Perspective:

  1. Are you ready to be a lived example of the Word to the Christian community you serve during Holy Week?
  2. What changes do I need to make before Holy Week to be a better servant?

From a Family Perspective:

  1. Are there problems in our family needing to be placed at the feet of the cross?
  2. How can our family be ready so that Holy Week can flow to each of our hearts?

I would love your feedback, thoughts, stories and ideas. Please email me.

Deacon Tom

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