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Monday, July 23, 2018
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Fr. William P. Saunders

Straight Answers

Take Time to Thank God on Thanksgiving
Recently, I had an argument with a friend over whether Thanksgiving was a civil holiday or a religious holiday. What do you think? Read more

More Straight Answers

  1. The Sign of the Cross
  2. Pornography
  3. Transubstantiation
  4. Suicide
  5. General Absolution
  6. Tarot Cards
  7. Who is Elijah?
  8. The Shroud of Turin
  9. Receiving Communion
  10. Confession Comes First
  11. The Proper Response in Handling a Fallen Host
  12. The Case of Terri Schiavo
  13. Angels - Part 1
  14. Angels - Part 2
  15. Modest Dress
  16. Stem Cell Research
  17. Our Father
  18. Missing Mass
  19. Masses for the Dead
  20. Annulment: A Catholic Divorce?
  21. The Immaculate Conception
  22. The Twelve Days of Christmas
  23. Is There a Santa Claus?
  24. Excommunication: A Call to Grace
  25. Daily Mass and Priestly Obligation
  26. Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?
  27. Church Teaching on Abortion
  28. What is Shrove Tuesday?
  29. The Ashen Cross
  30. Lenten Pretzels
  31. Making a Good Confession
  32. The Eastern Rite Church
  33. Can the Pope Retire?
  34. Who Really Killed Jesus?
  35. Resurrection of the Dead
  36. Euthanasia
  37. The Path to the Papacy
  38. John Paul the Great
  39. Did Jesus Have Brothers?
  40. Apparitions and Dogma
  41. The Holy See and the Chair of St. Peter
  42. The Gifts of the Spirit
  43. Why Do We Call Catholic Priests 'Father'?
  44. St. Anthony: Patron of Lost Things
  45. Whose Homily Is It?
  46. Dismas and Longinus
  47. The Gnostic Gospels
  48. St. Michael the Archangel
  49. One Faith, Two Creeds
  50. Basilicas, Cathedrals & Shrines
  51. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
  52. Who Was Mary Magdalene?
  53. The Feast of the Assumption
  54. The Primacy of Peter
  55. Mass Intentions
  56. St. Helena and the True Cross
  57. Mother of Sorrows
  58. Freemasonry
  59. Origins of the Rosary
  60. Origins of the Rosary - Part II
  61. What Is a Novena?
  62. Purgatory
  63. The Celebration of Advent
  64. Christian Twist to Christmas Decorations
  65. The Advent Wreath
  66. The "O Antiphons"
  67. The Christmas Tree
  68. Mary: True Mother of God
  69. The Holy Name of Jesus
  70. Women Deacons
  71. Mary as Our Lady of Hope
  72. The Feast of St. Blaise
  73. Sterilization as Contraception
  74. The Placement of the Tabernacle
  75. The Origins of Lent
  76. The Symbolism of the Gospel Writers
  77. Lead Us Not into Temptation
  78. The Morality of 'Sex Change' Operations
  79. Leave Cell Phones at Home
  80. Traveling the Path to Catholicism
  81. Answering 'Amen'
  82. Images Surrounding the Crucifix
  83. The Chrism Mass and Holy Oils
  84. Holy Water
  85. Jesus Descended into Hell
  86. The Mortal Sin of Blasphemy
  87. Who Wrote the Gospels?
  88. The Fable of Pope Joan
  89. Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  90. St. Anthony of Padua
  91. Our Lady of La Salette
  92. The Sacrament of Penance
  93. St. Joseph
  94. St. Joseph - Part II
  95. Mary as Our Lady of Hope
  96. What Is Purgatory Like?
  97. Masses for the Repose of Souls
  98. Marriage Problems
  99. Our Lady of Guadalupe
  100. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Part II)
  101. Halloween and All Saints Day
  102. All Souls Day
  103. Why Fast Before Communion?
  104. When was Jesus Born?
  105. Who Were the Magi?
  106. The Sadness of Life After Abortion
  107. Celibacy in the Priesthood
  108. The Elusive St. Valentine
  109. The Passion of Christ
  110. Cruelty Toward Animals
  111. The "Lamb of God"
  112. The Easter Triduum
  113. Cremation
  114. Why Is Bad Language a Sin?
  115. Brushing Up on Confession
  116. The Pervasive Reach of Pornography
  117. The Church and Contraception (Part 1)
  118. Marital Love Is Sacred Action
  119. Marital Love Is Both Unitive and Procreative
  120. Natural Family Planning
  121. Church Teaching Has Solid Foundation
  122. The Pressure to Contracept
  123. The Miracle of Lanciano
  124. Confused by Terminology
  125. The Catechism: A Gift for Everyone
  126. Prudence: Mother of All Virtues
  127. Justice, Fortitude, Temperance
  128. An Irish Catholic Tradition
  129. The Debate Over Incorruptibility
  130. Selecting the Right Godparents
  131. Does the Church Condone Tyrannicide?
  132. Disposing of Blessed Objects
  133. Holding Hands During the Lord's Prayer
  134. The Miraculous Medal
  135. Marriage in the Church
  136. The Infant of Prague
  137. Should Bells Toll at Mass?
  138. The Disposition of Priests
  139. St. Christopher the 'Christ Bearer'
  140. Pastors, Administrators, Parochial Vicars
  141. Forty Hours Devotion
  142. Forty Hours Devotion (Part 2)
  143. Our Lady of Czestochowa
  144. Gestures at Mass
  145. Understanding Martyrs
  146. Bread and Wine