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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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April 4: St. Isidore of Seville

This saint was born in 556. Isidore's two older brothers, Leander and Fulgentius, became bishops and saints, too. Their sister, Florentina, a nun, is also a saint.

Isidore's family was probably Roman in roots. Isidore was to become the bishop of Seville, Spain. This is where he made a great impact on the Church of his day. He was bishop of Seville for thirty-seven years. During that time, he took up the work of the former bishop, his brother, St. Leander. These two brothers were responsible for the conversion of the Visigoths to the Catholic Church.

As a child, Isidore had received a first-rate education. His older brothers saw to that. He was supervised by Leander. Little Isidore thought Leander was just about the meanest person in the whole world. All he did was push the boy to do his lessons. But the day came when Isidore realized that Leander had really been a wonderful friend. He taught Isidore that we can do so much good for Jesus' Church when we take our education seriously. Isidore lived long before the Council of Trent, which started seminaries to train priests. But St. Isidore believed that every diocese should have a seminary and a Catholic school for advanced learning. Both of his dreams would some day come true when the great Catholic universities as well as seminaries would be started.

St. Isidore was an organizer, too. He was asked to direct two important Church meetings called Councils. The first was in Seville, Spain, in 619, and the other in Toledo, Spain, in 633. These Councils helped the Church be more united. This saint wrote many books, too. He wrote a history of the Goths. He wrote about Bible heroes and heroines. He even wrote a dictionary.

Bishop Isidore was available for his people. The poor of Seville knew where to go for help. There was a continuous line every day, all day, at the bishop's house. Isidore prayed and led a life of sacrifice, too. He really was a holy and much loved bishop. He died in 636. St. Isidore was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Innocent XIII in 1722.

Reflection: What difference can I make in this world today? What is my dream to make it a better world?