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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Daily Saint

April 26: St. Radbertus

This saint lived in ninth-century France. No one knows who his parents were. They left their newborn infant on the doorstep of Notre-Dame convent. The nuns loved and cared for the baby. They named him Radbertus. When he was old enough to be educated, Radbertus was sent to the monks of St. Peter nearby.

The boy loved learning and especially enjoyed the Latin classics. When he grew up, he lived a quiet, scholarly life. He remained a lay person for several years. Then he felt the call to become a monk. He joined a community led by two fervent abbots, St. Adalhard and his brother who succeeded him, Abbot Wala. Radbertus tried to be a holy monk. He often accompanied the two abbots on their journeys. He wrote their biographies after they died.

Radbertus became a Scripture scholar. He wrote a long commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew. He produced other explanations of parts of the Bible, too. But his most well-known work is called "The Body and Blood of Christ."

Radbertus did not feel that he had a vocation to be a priest. But he was persuaded to accept the appointment of abbot for a seven-year term. Then he insisted that he return to his life of prayer, meditation, study and writing. His term as abbot was very difficult for him although he did the best he could. He spent the rest of his life praying, writing and doing the tasks assigned him.

Radbertus died in 860.

Reflection: May we always praise God for the gift of our life.