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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Catholic Saints for February

Saints for February

February 01: St. Brigid of Ireland
February 02: Presentation of the Lord
February 03: St. Blase
February 04: St. Jane Valois
February 05: St. Agatha
February 06: St. Paul Miki and Companions
February 07: Blessed Giles Mary
February 08: St. Jerome Emiliani
February 09: St. Apollina and the Martyrs of Alexandria
February 10: St. Scholastica
February 11: Our Lady of Lourdes
February 12: St. Meletius
February 13: St. Catherine of Ricci
February 14: St. Cyril and St. Methodius
February 15: St. Faustinus and St. Jovita
February 16: St. Onesimus
February 17: Seven Founders of the Servite Order
February 18: St. Bernadette
February 19: St. Barbatus
February 20: St. Eucherius
February 21: St. Peter Damian
February 22: Chair of St. Peter
February 23: St. Polycarp
February 24: St. Montanus, St. Lucius and Companions
February 25: St. Caesarius of Nazianzen
February 26: St. Porphyry
February 27: St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
February 28: St. Romanus and St. Lupicinus
February 29: St. Cassian