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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Daily Saint

February 28: St. Romanus and St. Lupicinus

These French saints were brothers who lived in the fifth century. As a youth, St. Romanus was admired by everyone for his goodness. He had a great desire to become a saint. Since he saw that in the world it was too easy to forget about God, Romanus decided to live as a hermit. First, he asked the advice of a holy monk, and then he started off. He took a book with him. It was The Lives of the Fathers of the Desert by Cassian. He also took seeds to plant and a few tools. With these supplies, he went into the forests of the Jura mountains between Switzerland and France. Romanus found a huge fire tree and settled beneath it. He spent his time praying and reading his book. He also planted and cared for his garden, quietly enjoying nature. Soon afterward, his brother Lupicinus joined him. Romanus and Lupicinus were very different. Romanus was hard on himself. However, he was kind and gentle and full of understanding with others. Lupicinus was hard and severe with himself and usually the same with others. Yet he meant well. The two brothers understood each other and got along fine.

Many men came to join them. They wanted to be monks, too, so they built two monasteries. Romanus was the abbot of one and Lupicinus was the abbot of the other. The monks lived simple, hard lives. They prayed much and made sacrifices cheerfully. They performed penances to strength-en themselves in their vocation. They worked very hard farming to grow their food and kept silent all the time. They chose to live like this because their main concern was growing close to God. Their lifestyle helped them toward their spiritual goal.

St. Romanus died in 460. His younger brother, St. Lupicinus, died in 480.

St. Romanus and St. Lupicinus were both saints, even though they had different personalities.

Reflection: God invites people of all different personalities to greater friendship with him. What must I do to develop a loving relationship with Jesus?