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Monday, July 23, 2018
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Daily Saint

January 21: St. Agnes

St. Agnes was a Roman girl who died in 304. She was just twelve years old when she suffered martyrdom for her faith. Although few historical details remain, St. Agnes has always been popular. This is especially because St. Ambrose and other well-known early Church saints have written about her. Agnes loved Jesus so much that she chose only him for her husband. Since she was beautiful, many young men wished to marry her. However, Agnes wanted to give her heart only to Jesus. She would always say, "Jesus is my only husband." She even turned down the governor's son, who became very angry. He tried to win her for his wife with gifts and promises. Agnes just kept telling him, "I am already promised to the Lord."

Agnes was accused of being a Christian and brought to the governor. The governor promised Agnes wonderful gifts if she would only deny God, but the girl refused. The governor tried to scare her by putting her in chains, but even then she did not back down. Agnes suffered other tortures. Finally, she was condemned and killed.

Agnes is buried in a cemetery named after her. In 354, Emperor Constantine's daughter built a large church there and had Agnes' body placed under the altar.

Reflection: How do I respond to the call of the Lord to loveó loving to the point of forgetting myself for the sake of others and giving myself without counting?