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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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June 26: St. Pelagius

This boy martyr of Spain lived in the days when the Moors ruled part of his homeland. The Moors were fighting the Spanish Christians. Pelagius was only ten when his uncle had to leave him as a hostage with the Moors in the city of Cordova. He would not be allowed to go free until his uncle sent him what the Moors demanded.

Three years passed and still the young Christian remained a prisoner. By this time, he was a handsome, lively boy of thirteen. Although many of his fellow prisoners were men who had acquired evil habits, Pelagius would not imitate their example. Even though he was young, he had a strong will and knew how to keep himself good.

The ruler of the Moors heard good reports about Pelagius. He sent for the boy. Pelagius was handsome and well-behaved. The ruler felt generous and wanted to get him out of prison. After all, he was only a boy. Pelagius was offered his freedom, plus fine clothes to wear. Not only that, he would receive beautiful horses and money. All of these would be his if he would give up his faith and become a Muslim like his captors.

"All those things you named mean nothing to me," answered the boy firmly. "I have been a Christian. I am a Christian now. I shall continue to be a Christian." The ruler was surprised. He changed his approach. Instead of promises came threats, but none had any effect.

Thirteen-year-old Pelagius died a martyr in the year 925.

Reflection: In our daily lives, what does my commitment to Christ mean to me? When I am unable to withstand pressures and problems that come my way, may this time be a maturing of our faith and growing in the love of Christ.