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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Daily Saint

St. Albert the Great

This saint lived in the thirteenth century. He was born in a castle on the Danube River in Swabia (southwest Germany). Albert went to the University of Padua in Italy. There he decided to become a Dominican. His uncle tried to persuade him not to follow his religious vocation. Albert did anyway. He felt that this was what God wanted. His father, the count of Bollstadt, was very angry. The Dominicans thought that he might make Albert come back home. They transferred the novice to a location farther away, but his father did not come after him.

St. Albert loved to study. The natural sciences, especially physics, geography and biology, interested him. He also loved to study his Catholic religion and the Bible. He used to observe the ways of animals and write down what he saw, just as scientists do today. He wrote a great number of books on these subjects. He also wrote on philosophy and was a popular teacher in different schools.

One of St. Albert's pupils was the great St. Thomas Aquinas. It is believed that Albert learned of the death of St. Thomas directly from God. He had guided St. Thomas in beginning his great works in philosophy and theology. He also defended his teachings after Thomas died.

As St. Albert grew older, he became more holy. Before, he had expressed his deep thoughts in his writings. Now he expressed them in his whole way of living for God.

Reflection: It is said that St. Albert had the gift of bringing together faith and science. In this time immersed in science and technology, perhaps we could pray for this same gift