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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Direct Action: Christian Unity

Christian Unity

The Church is fragmented. It is lying broken in a million pieces, each piece isolated from the rest. It appears to be an impossible task to bind the pieces together. Yet, there are many of us, including the pope, who believe that with a little bit of prayer and a little bit of love, we can make the impossible possible. We invite you to make that happen.

Here is how:

Holy Spirit Interactive has a dedicated intercessory Prayer Circle comprising people from all over the world. Each week, its members lift up hundreds of prayer requests that pour in from people in need.

Among the list of petitions, the HSI Prayer Circle also includes a prayer for Christian Unity.

If you have ten minutes to spare each day (ten minutes is all we ask for, really!) please join our global prayer team and help unite the Body of Christ. It is time the hatred ended and the love began to flow. After all, that is what Christianity is all about.

Please click here to register.

Invite your friends to join this program by clicking this link
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