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Friday, August 17, 2018
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A Brief Overview of Some of the HSI Ministries

HSI Discipleship Program

One of HSIís most powerful and popular programs held around the world, the HSI Discipleship Program guides and empowers people in their journey towards becoming more like Christ.

HSI On-Line

HSIís internationally acclaimed web site HSI On-Line comprises over 15,000 pages of catechetical and faith strengthening articles by some of the most anointed leaders in ministry. The site is visited by millions of people every year.

HSI Publishing

HSI Publishing is engaged in the publication of books, tracts and pamphlets aimed at helping people grow in their faith and lead better Christian lives.

HSI Outreach

HSIís Outreach Ministry, which includes HSIís Music Ministry, uses dance, drama and music to reach out to people through gospel concerts, plays and other uplifting performances.

HSI Newsletter

The HSI Newsletter goes out to nearly 40,000 people each week, advising them of updates to the HSI web site and HSI events taking place across the world.

HSI Music

HSI Music produces music CDís and cassettes as well as audio Bibles in various languages to make Godís Word available to those who are unable to read it.

HSI Inner Healing

The newly formed HSI Inner Healing Ministry will conduct retreats to help people heal wounds from their past that prevent them from experiencing the fullness of Christ in their lives.

And Lots More ...

HSI leaders around the world conduct Scripture study programs and retreats. They work with little kids, teenagers and young adults. They also provide counselling, lead prayer meetings and engage in a host of other activities all intended to spread the Word of God around the world and strengthen the faith of Christians.

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