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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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A Complete Examination

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The 2nd Commandment:

"You shall not take the Name of the Lord your God in vain." (Ex 20:7)

  1. Have I cursed? Do I use profane language?
  2. Do any of my words dishonor God?
  3. Godís "name" means the fullness of Who He is: His personality, His love, His ways of doing things, etc. Have I ever refused to take Him seriously?
  4. Do I abuse Jesusí name by professing Him as my Lord and Savior while living as if I don't know Him?
  5. Have I gotten angry at God? Or wrestled with Him? Itís healthy to admit and express my anger, but I should express my feelings and at the same time put my trust in Him.
  6. Have I failed to speak highly of God? When someone else offended God, did I stand up for Him?
  7. Do I believe He doesnít really care about me, my desires, and my problems? Of course He does care, but does my behavior show it?
  8. Do I cheat God by not giving Him everything He asks of me? When Iím not actively seeking new spiritual growth, Iím treating my faith lightly. This includes being too busy for prayer, the Bible, Church documents, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, ministry, etc.
  9. Have I abused the name of anyone whom God has honored, by not giving due veneration to that person? Have I used words to insult or hurt a sacred person? This includes our Blessed Mother, the Saints, and the people who live among us on this earth.
  10. God calls each of us by name, thus everyoneís name is sacred. When have I mocked someoneís name or altered it to degrade that person?
  11. Have I named God to justify sinful activity? For example, some people say, "God created homosexuals, therefore itís okay if they express their love through homosexual activity."
  12. When have I lied? God is truth, so I blaspheme Him when I utter even the smallest lie.
  13. Have I broken promises that I made in Godís name? When I invoke Godís faithfulness, then reject it, Iím making God out to be a liar.

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