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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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The Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions about the Charismatic Prayer Meeting

  1. What is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting?
  2. What is the Content of a Charismatic Prayer Meeting?
  3. How Long do Prayer Meetings Last?
  4. Do I Have to Raise my Hands or Pray Like Others Do?
  5. Do I have to Say "Praise the Lord, Alleluia", etc. as others may do?
  6. Is a Prayer Group a Parish Organisation?
  7. What are the Spiritual Gifts We Pray For?
  8. Is the "Baptism in the Spirit" a New Sacrament?
  9. Do I Have to Speak at a Prayer Meeting?
  10. What is a "Testimony"?
  11. How Can I Grow Spiritually?
  12. Why Do We Sing?
  13. Why Do Some Greet Others with a Hug?
  14. Is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting Like a Eucharistic Celebration?
  15. Where Can I Read Something on the Holy Spirit in the Bible?
  16. What Should I Keep in Mind When Attending Prayer Meetings?

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