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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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The Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Problems people claim to have with the Renewal

The person asserts that little discernment is used to determine whether certain manifestations are authentic or not

This is a valid criticism as there are lots of claims of something being from God that we believe to be phony. However, this problem is much wider than the Charismatic movement. It is also true of the Marian movement, where even less discernment is used. Millions of Catholics all over the world, for the last two thousand years, have had spiritual experiences and most of them have not been discerned. Only a very few have been submitted to church authorities for discernment, and even fewer of those have been judged as potentially authentic.

For better or for worse, the church is not really interested or even set up to process/discern all these experiences.

We believe that the Catechism's exhortation to submit charisms to the church must be read as pertaining not to the day to day exercise of the charisms but to those that may have some type of church wide impact.

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