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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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The Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Problems people claim to have with the Renewal

The person asserts that they don't hear Charismatics discussing 'dryness' in prayer

The individual has probably not attended much in the way of conferences where talks on prayer by Charismatics are being given. This is a frequent topic in such talks. Yes, most saints experienced this, and people experience this. It is part of the process of maturing. But dryness in prayer doesn't mean the lack of God's power. Dryness in prayer usually refers to the lack of sensible affections in prayer. These can be absent even during times when God is using one powerfully. There is no connection.

Some Charismatics and many non-Charismatics judge the quality of their prayer by the presence or absence of these sensible affections. This is usually an error due to spiritual immaturity. If the individual has had contact with people who talk this way, they have a valid criticism, but one hopefully can be tolerant of spiritual immaturity in those new to the ways of the Lord.

It is a different matter if they have been following the Lord for ten years or more.

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