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Monday, June 18, 2018
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The Tragedy of Sin

At the root of all these evils that best the modern world, there is sin - the Original Sin with which we are tainted at birth, and the actual sins that we commit in life when we abuse our freedom. Sin, in the words of St. Paul, is "the mystery of iniquity working in the world". It goes contrary to God's design. We were created out of love, for love. We are called to love. Beginning with human love in its various aspects of affection, friendship, married love, divinised and transfigured by the presence of Christ. Our vocation is to be immersed in the love of the Trinity, the ocean of love.

Sin goes against this. It upsets God's plan. It opposes His will. It refuses, rejects His love. It creates idols in place of God - wealth, possessions, pleasures, animal satisfactions. It places something created - an object, a person, or a situation - in the place that belongs to God. What St. Paul tells us "helps us to grasp the obscure and intangible element hidden in sin. Clearly, sin is a product of man's freedom. From within the human reality, however, there are factors at work which place it beyond the merely human in the border area where our conscience, will, and sensitivity are in contact with the dark forces active in the world almost to the point of ruling it." (Reconciliation and Penance, 11-14, by Pope John Paul II)

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