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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Direct Bible Discovery

Direct Bible Discovery

by Ronald W. Leigh

In the Shadow by Gwen Meharg No student of the Scriptures should be satisfied to traffic only in the results of the study of other men. The field is inexhaustible and its treasures ever new. No worthy astronomer limits his attention to the findings of other men, but is himself ever gazing into the heavens both to verify and to discover; and no worthy theologian will be satisfied alone with the results of the research of other theologians, but will himself be ever searching the Scriptures. However, a full-rounded introduction is needed and a method of study must be established if either the astronomer or the theologian expects to continue with ever increasing efficiency.
Lewis Sperry Chafer, Systematic Theology
  1. Chapter 01: Introduction
  2. Chapter 02: How the Holy Spirit Helps
  3. Chapter 03: The Importance of Procedure
  4. Chapter 04: The Direct Procedure
  5. Chapter 05: The Discovery Procedure
  6. Chapter 06: The Order of the Elements
  7. Chapter 07: Observation
  8. Chapter 08: Sample Observations
  9. Chapter 09: Pitfalls and Perseverance in Observation
  10. Chapter 10: Interpretation
  11. Chapter 11: Literary Interpretation
  12. Chapter 12: Contextual Interpretation
  13. Chapter 13: Proper Reasoning
  14. Chapter 14: Application
  15. Chapter 15: Where to Start
  16. Chapter 16: Other Practical Matters
  17. Chapter 17: The Procedure for Studying Books
  18. Chapter 18: The Procedure for Studying Topics
  19. Chapter 19: Summary: Thirty Key Principles of Bible Study