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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Of all the frightening statistics that we hear of these days, has any statistic been more chilling than that of the Gallup poll several years ago indicating that only 29% of Catholics receiving the Eucharist on Sunday believe that it is really and truly the body and blood of Christ? It seems that somewhere over the past few years Catholics have lost a sense of what Christ has given us in the Eucharist, and an appreciation of this great gift.

Holy Spirit Interactive brings you a special feature on the Eucharist and the Holy Mass.

The Eucharist

  1. Introduction
  2. A real presence
  3. Jesus's own Teaching
  4. How to gain a deeper appreciation
  5. Who can receive the Eucharist?
  6. Weekly Mass is a serious obligation: Pope John Paul II
  7. Keeping Holy the Sabbath

The Year of the Eucharist

  1. The Biblical Roots of Ecclesia de Eucharistia
  2. Adoring the Lord in the Year of the Eucharist
  3. The Lamb That Was Slain
  4. From the Heart of the Church
  5. Sitting at the Feet of Mary

For the scholars: Early Christians on the Holy Eucharist

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