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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Lent: Everything you ever wanted to know

Everything you ever wanted to know about Lent

  1. What is Lent?

  2. When does Lent begin?

  3. Why do Catholics have their foreheads marked with a cross on Ash Wednesday?

  4. Why is the signing done with ashes?

  5. Is there another significance to the ashes?

  6. Where do the ashes used on Ash Wednesday come from?

  7. Why are ashes from the previous year's Palm Sunday used?

  8. Why are Sundays excluded from the reckoning of the forty days?

  9. Why is Lent forty days long?

  10. Why are the forty days called Lent?

  11. What is a day of fast and abstinence?

  12. Is there a biblical basis for abstaining from meat as a sign of repentance?

  13. On what basis does the Church have the authority to establish days of fast and abstinence?

  14. In addition to Ash Wednesday, are any other days during Lent days of fast or abstinence?

  15. Why are Fridays during Lent days of abstinence?

  16. Are acts of repentance appropriate on other days during Lent?

  17. What are appropriate activities for ordinary days during Lent?

  18. Why are acts of repentance appropriate at this time of year?

  19. Is the custom of giving up something for Lent mandatory?

  20. Since Sundays are not counted in the forty days of Lent, does the custom of giving up something apply to them?

  21. Why is giving up something for Lent such a good and beneficial custom?

  22. Is the denying of pleasure an end in itself?

  23. Is there such a thing as denying ourselves too many pleasures?

  24. Aside from Ash Wednesday, which begins Lent, what are its principal events?
Father Francis J. Peffley

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