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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Fr. Jack's Novena in Preparation for Pentecost
Holy Spirit Interactive: Pentecost: Novena in Preparation for Pentecost

Novena in Preparation for Pentecost - Day 1

Friday after Ascension

“And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the earth, bringing order out of chaos”.

Spirit and Breath of God, I open out my heart to you. You see and know everything within me. You see the chaos, and the lack of order. Just as the Father created me, so can You recreate me. You can bring order out of the chaos of my life. You can fill my sails, and guide me to safer waters. You can be the wind beneath my wings, Who will give me lift-off out of the quick-sand of my selfishness, my fears, and everything that burdens me. I ask You PLEASE to hover over my spirit, and to descend like the morning dew upon the barren desert of my heart. Please enter into the very depth of my chaos, and create new and life-giving order within me.

Heavenly Father, please continue Your creation in me by pouring out Your Spirit into my heart and soul. Separate from within me whatever is not of You, and please remove it, so that I may be restored to the ‘good’ that You created.

Lord Jesus, I NEED Your Spirit, if I am to be able to live Your word, and keep Your commands. I pray that Your Spirit might enter deep within my soul, so that Your graces and blessings may freely enter there. May Your Spirit melt the hardness of my heart, so that I may become meek and humble of heart, just as You invite us to be.

Mary, my Mother, please continue to obtain and supervise the miracle of Incarnation within me. Pray with me, pray in me, pray for me. Obtain for me the grace I need to fully avail of the wonderful Gift that is being offered to me at this time.

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