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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Fr. Jack's Novena in Preparation for Pentecost
Holy Spirit Interactive: Pentecost: Novena in Preparation for Pentecost

Novena in Preparation for Pentecost - Day 2

Saturday after Ascension

ďAnd God formed a manís body from the dust of the earth, and breathed into it the Breath of Life. And the man became a living person.Ē

Spirit and Breath of God, it is YOU Who give life to the clay of my nature. Please continue to transform that clay until it is made in the image and likeness of God. Implant in it the seeds(Gifts) that You give, so that I might be able to produce and display the Fruits in my life. Bring that life to completeness within me; an eternal life; a life that will never end.

Heavenly Father, please breathe Your Spirit once again into the clay of my humanity, so that I may be recreated and renewed. You who created can easily recreate. Your creation is on-going, until we come to the fullness of life that You have in mind for us. All life comes from You, and it is redeemed by Jesus, and made holy by the Spirit. With all my heart, I say that I WANT to be ALL that You created me to become.

Lord Jesus, breathe Your Spirit into me, just as You breathed Your Spirit upon the apostles. You came that we should have life, and have it to the full. I ask for the fullness of life, and I offer you my heart and soul as places that hunger for this abundant life. You make all things NEW. I pray that this Pentecost may be a whole new beginning with You, and that Your Spirit may complete Your work in me.

Mary, my Mother, thank you for being by my side during this Novena. You know that I want this to be a time of change, of conversion, and of special blessing. I ask you, please, to ensure that I continue to provide the conditions which enable and facilitate the work of the Spirit.

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